Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Little cuties

So today i wasnt at work Smile Now that i have me ‘little area’ to craft, i wanted to do something. i had the idea that i wanted to colour an image. (i cant even remember the last time that i did that!) I have hundreds of stamps in the craft room :/  I do have loads of digi stamps on the laptop though (but didnt wanna use those) lol . Anyhows i went in search of new challenges etc. On me travels i came across this challenge blog HERE . Oh my Its a challenge blog for their digi stamps ‘All dressed up’  The digi stamps are well cute, could i resist (NOPE) haha

The theme for their challenge is ‘Anything goes’ so after a little image resizing, printing and colouring, i have some creations.

Just how cute are those babies..lol  I wanted to leave the cards just plain and simple and just let the image be the focus.

i thought that they turned out that cute that ive gone and bought a few more lol  I thought that these would make great quick cards for chloes little school friends. Speaking of the chloe monster, 2 weeks ago she turned 7 !!!!! Where has the time gone, me baby is growing up way too quickly Sad smile  Great photo with the bed hair…lol


The images were coloured quite quickly too, just using a little copics and prismas. Think im gonna have an hour colouring some of the other ones i got while i have a little peace Smile Back to work for 5 in the morning Sad smile shame i cant just stay at home and craft lol  i will def be fitting the crafting in around working from now on though, cos i have missed it.


Shaz xxx

Monday, 27 January 2014

Shabby tea room

I've done a card for a challenge , yeah (go me lol)

It had to be the shabby tea room challenge. (Course it did). It's just a very simple card. I don't have loads of stuff in here with me to craft with, so it's a case of making do with what I have. The theme over at the shabby tea room is warm and cozy, and you are to create something in cream or white which includes tea pits or tea cups. At first I wad stumped as I didn't think I had anything with those images and then I remembered a brand new su set I got a couple of weeks ago 'from my heart' and this image was in that set. The sentiment is from a waltzing mouse stamp set 'sewing box hugs' that sentiment fits just right for me with this challenge, as for me the shabby tea room challenge is like an old friend to me, something I always tried to take part in.
Shaz xxx

New things

So I got my desk :) so now if I'm not at work I can sit here with some bits and create :) so at least I can create so we here until I can get back in me craft room. Once I'm back in my craft room I think I will use this area in the house as my sewing area. For the past year or so when I've had chance I've been creating little bits n bobs out of fabric. Chloe always ends up with everything in her room lol. I love creating something with fabric ( I'm just not very good at it) practice,practice, practice as they say. I will get around to taking pics of the bits I made eventually, but for now I want to show you some very new makes that I have done over the weekend :)
Meet fruity and pinky (chloe named them)
These are my first ever attempts at sock monkeys . Gotta say that I love them. They may not be perfect but that's ok. I really enjoyed making them. I need to go buy loads of pairs of socks lol
Gonna try and create something with paper now :)
Shaz xxx

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Change of heart

Well.....what dya know, I had a change of heart with the blog situation etc. I decided to start a new bog as just before Xmas I joined stampin up as a demo, and basically it's a case of what you can/ can't show etc on your blog! So I did a new blog so as to just create and show things made using su stuff. Well..... Ya know what, it just ain't happening for me I'm afraid. I don't want to be limited to what I create with and what I show . I like to create with things that inspire me at the time. I have some lovely lovely stuff in me stash which I want to use and so on. I want to create with anything and everything so I'm afraid it's goodbye to su, as a demo anyway. I wanna be free to use and show what I want. I'm back and I'm ready to craft :) let's get this show on the road lol
We had some really bad weather here with very strong winds. on one particular day the wind was really bad and I hadn't quite closed my craft room door (my craft room is at the bottom of the garden joined onto the garage) Anyhow somehow the wind managed to get behind the door, pulled it open and ripped it clean off and placed it in the garden. I don't know how but the glass in the door is intact!  The door hinges however are only now attached to the frame and small pieces of wood that were ripped from the door. so until I am able to afford another door, my husband has screwed the door into the frame, so as it stays sealed. So my stuff is safe I just cant get in there to use it :(  He unscrewed it for me for an hour so as I could fetch some stuff into the conservatory :) Although I don't have all my stuff to hand at least I have some which means I can craft once again :) I'm also hoping that by Saturday I have a new corner desk/ workstation thingy here too, cos that way I can have lots of pretties around me lol will be back shortly with some makes ! On the ipad at min n av no pics on here.
If your still with me, thanks for reading :)
Shaz xxx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Im here :)

I cant believe that there has only been one post for 2013 :( 
2014 will be different :) Onwards and upwards and I  will be crafting ((yeeessss!!!) AND Blogging :)I have a new blog which is HERE so if you like you can come and see me there.
Happy new year everyone, hope you all have a FAB 2014
Shaz xxx