Wednesday 6 January 2016

happy new year!

Wow, i didnt realise that i hadnt blogged since november LAST year! Happy new year folks :) I seem to spend my time on the facebook craft groups and sharing my makes on instagram and i seem to forget about my blog. I wondered if i should even carry on with it, but then i have had this little old blog since 2007. I think i just need to throw some life into it again and start posting my makes and tutorials back on here.
My Creations still seem to be heading in a different direction to what they were, i seem to have moved away from cards (at least for a while) i think i have just made them for so long that now i want to concentrate on other things. I must say that iam really still enjoying making, sending and receiving pocket letters, it seems to be my thing right now. Iam also wanting t do more with the mixed media stuff. I know that most of my cards etc that i used to make would technically be classed as mixed media, but i'm talking about the 'messy' kinda mixed media stuff lol.
So onwards and upwards as they say, here's to 2016, may ir be a creative one!
Here's a few of my recent creations.

A pocket letter created from the heidi swapp paper pad 'sugar chic'


A matching letter file containg various tags and bits and bobs, things you can use for pen pals etc.


Last night i decided to have a play with these as ive had them since before christmas

I was just messing around on a large tag which i created from a cardstock that i wanted to try out for stamping, This tag was just a tester to see what the card was like with the inks. I used copics for the bit of colouring and distress inks on the background. I just grabbed whatever inks were nearest to me, so there was no co ordinating the colours.

It turned out awful lol, however the ink took to the card well :) i was just about to bin it, then i though well if im binning it anyway, why not mess around some more. So i got out some gesso and gelatos and here is what i did.

I cut up a quote/saying to use on there. I love using quotes in my creations. Once this was finished i quite liked it and decided that it wasn't going in the bin :) I have decided to do a whole bunch of these large tags using these stamps, all with different quotes. Thats me done here for today, but i will be back with some more stuff in the next couple of days .
Shaz xxx





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Wonderful work!!