Sunday, 3 May 2015

here again

So I'm trying to blog from my phone, let's see if it works or not.
I'm still loving the whole crochet thing . I have a few things on the go right now.

My hexagons are coming along nicely. I've been stitching them into groups of 7 to make large hexagons. All the large hexagons will then get stitched together to make a large blanket. I get a little bored doing the same thing over and over so I started a few other things.

An iPad case and a few iPhone cases :) loving the bright colours.

I have another blanket on the go a kind of mixy matchie one. It's great to be able to just pull it out while sat in the living room with everyone else, do a few rows then put it away, it's just so portable , I think that's why I'm liking it so much. These past couple of weeks I've not really done any papercrafting at all I'm just enjoying enjoying doing this :) 
I kind of getting into holiday mode to as we go on holiday to Cyprus in less than 4 weeks so I've lots of things to do to get ready for that.
Shaz xxx

Saturday, 11 April 2015

something old but something new

I figured that i would start putting other things on my blog, as sometimes it seems that iam lost to oblivion for days weeks on end so sometimes its quite a while in between blog posts. It seems like im only crafting now n again which is actually not the case. I do many things other than papercrafting. I create boutique hairbows and i have a love of fabric so i like creating with fabric, ribbon, allsorts of things. The past couple of months however i have re discovered my love of crochet. My nanna taught me to do this when i was 9 years old. Its something that i havent really done for many many years, apart from a few baby blankets that ive done for my kids over the years.
Anyhows a couple of months ago i came across a fantastic blog full of lots of colourful crochet
It made me want to dabble again :) so dabble i did. I love the fact that i can create something useful , things that can be kept for many many years, bright colourful things. 
I wanted to create a blanket for the chloe monster , something single bed size so as she can keep it for when shes older, for when im no longer around ( hopefully that wont be for at least another 40 years) but you get the idea. Lucy over at attic 24 has many free patterns on her blog with very clear simple instructions with loads of pics. I loved the ripple blanket on there so decided that would be my first project.

Its took me a couple of months to finish it as its so large, but i love the finished blanket and so does chloe :)

I ended up buying loads more wool and needed something to store it in. Lucy has a fab bag pattern on her blog so i decided to create a bag to store my wool in. I created a way larger bag than in the pattern though and i love it! 

My finished bag is massive haha, so i now have another smaller one on the go :) i also want another blanket so my next blanket is going to made up of hexagons .... Loads of them!

Im loving the fact that it is all so portable so i can just sit on the sofa  doing this so im near everyone else rather than down the bottom of the garden in the craft room.
At the moment im doing 7 of each hexagon design, i may have to do more of each, i guess it depends on how many different colour combos i use. I can't wait for the finished blanket :) right my next batch of hexagons are waiting to be made :)
Thanks for looking 
Shaz xxx




Thursday, 26 March 2015

pti mim stamping and mixing patterns

This week Danielle wants us to create our own papers using stamps to create different patterns etc then use them in our creations.
I used to do this years ago and to be honest forgot all about it. Ive never done it since having pti stamps, but Oh My!!! I have had a blast creating papers with pti stamps and i must say that i am hooked. Once the papers were created i was totally inspired to create lots of cards. The fact that the stamps co ordinate with the papers, the inks co ordinate etc makes it oh so easy , i dont think that ive ever had as much fun with a challenge as i have with this one. I'd completely forgotten about creating my own papers with stamps so thankyou Danielle for reminding me :)
Once i started creating the papers i just couldnt stop haha i did a few vellums too.
Since last year i havent had a laptop so im going between iphone and ipad and ive been taking all pics with my phone. However today i got my camera out and used that instead.
So above is my collection of papers that i did. I haven't used every single one in my creations though.

Pegs,pegs pegs, i love pegs, they have lots of uses
Using your scraps create a few pegs to give as a gift of for yourself. I buy bags of 50 wooden pegs for £1, so cheap as chips :) i stamp the paper, glue it all in place, distress the edges and then i add a coat of spray glitter varnish, it protects the paper and gives a nice sparkle.

You can buy small sticky backed magnet dots, stick them to the back of the pegs to be used on magnetic surfaces. These really do make a great gift and are ideal to create using the scraps left over from a co-ordinating card.

I layered the large dot vellum over the small dot paper for a softer look. This is the only creation that has any ribbon etc as its a tag. I was going to add ribbon and lace to some of the other cards too but decided that it would be fun to see what i could create without adding and other items to it. I figured i could just add a little stitching from the sewing machine instead.So all the cards have only cost the price of the white card to make.

I created the green stripes using the lined money strip out of the button boutique set.
I didnt manage to get the dies that went with the bitty bouquet stamp set as it was out of stock :(  so i handcut the flowers out.
I added a little sparkle to the flowers on this one although the pic doesn't capture it.
And last but not least i just had to throw in a little tag.


If you havent yet tried to create your own papers using stamps then i urge you to have a go.

 Thanks for visiting :)
Shaz xxx





Wednesday, 25 March 2015

papertrey march blog hop challenge

At last ive actually created something for the papertrey blog hop
Each month seems to go so quick and its always on my 'to do list' but then somehow i seem to get side tracked. But not this month, this time i made sure to create something.
Here is the inspiration pic for the blog hop

And below are a few thing i created taking inspiration from the pic.

Loved using the bitty bouquet set and the hello die together. I only just bought the hello die las month and i love it.

I thought i would create something using blue skies.

This card uses button stamps from button boutique and the sentiment from blue skies.

Another little happy bag to add to my collection :) 

I just had to create something using the lovely laurels kit.

Last but no means least a little gift wrapped in parcel paper to coordinate with the theme. Created using the image from bitty bouquets, the sentiment from swoosh, and the tag cut with tag sale 4, ive been after that tag die for a while and i managed to get that last month too :)

Im loving the new pti goodies i got from last months release. Ive been creaating away with them. Must go and have a looksie at all the other creations on. The hop :) .




Thursday, 12 March 2015

just a little colour

Thats all im using for my next couple of creations.
Is a colour challenge of yellow and green. Im starting to really enjoy creating simple stamped cards. Im liking the clean look, they are also way much quicker to create. I still love the shabby style look but for now im enjoying clean and simple :)
Seen as how i only just got my new pti orderi just had to use some of those for this challenge. I decided to go very minimal.

I just love this hello die. I stamped onto the die using yellow and green ink. I then stuck 3 die cuts together to make it pop more from the card.

I used the lovely laurels kit for this card. I love how that wreath die only cuts the left and right sections and doesnt cut the bottom or the very top ends. This way you can pull the wreath outwards to make it pop from the card, plus you can push it flat for posting etc. the sentiment stamp and the little flower sequins are also from the kit. I do like how effective it looks. I bet it would look good with just someones large initial etc in the centre, or even wedding invites with the bride and grooms initials in the centre. I think this has lots of uses. 
Need to go get a little housework done so as i can go to the bottom of the garden and play some more :)

Thanks for looking
Shaz xxx