Saturday, 26 January 2008


Ya know how we all lurve a bargain dont ya!!!
Well...ive been wanting some of the pails ya can get as i can altar them...n store some stash inside...however i think they are rather over priced...n i just will not be ripped
Soooo...i found these babies! They turned up yesterday...and they are fabby! They are 1 litre a good size....and ya get 6...yes 6...for the total of £5.80...thats what they cost altogether with the p& i say well worth it!
If ya want some of these ya can find em here

Thursday, 24 January 2008

SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FUNK FAIRY is now in the shop!!!!
However this likkle fairy is only a fairy in doesnt get to wear her wings all the time...(AAAWWW) so she will be seen out and about from time in regular cutsie outfits too:)
Here she is!!!!!! lol
Ya can find her in 8 different outfits at the shop :)