Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mothers and……

broken bones!!!  No crafting at the mo peeps :( I have created notheing at all the past few days as a few days ago my mum took a nasty fall after waving to me and the Chloe monster as we drove away. I didn’t even notice that she had fallen , i didn’t know until i walked in my house and the phone was ringing, when my son’s gf told me to go back round. My mum was layed on the sofa, blood coming out of her mouth, crying in pain.She has a top set of dentures with just a few teeth on it, they attach with like a metal bar thing. Well, when she fell over she smacked her mouth and chin causing the dentures to dislodge at one side and they kinda twisted in her mouth causing the teeth to go through her lips , the top of the dentures to go through her upper gums, and they were kinda half in and half out. She couldn’t talk or anything. Then i looks down at her right arm and notice that her arm is like 1-2 inches higher than her hand, it was like a proper bend…(Ouch) so i says i think you’ve broken that. Anyhows to cut a long story short (Cos i’m waffling’ the last few days we have been backwards n forwards at the hospital. When she was originally seen by the doctors they never set her bones back in place before putting a back slab thing on it..(she had to go back the following day for a proper cast) anyways when we saw the consultant he says that she know needs to have an operation to put the bones back and have screws and plates fitted. Have they done this yet?…nope they have not.She was told to fast last night then they phoned this morn to say it was NOT gonna be today, now they have said to fast again tonight as maybe it will be tomorrow. So right now her bones are completely out of line with just like a bandage around it, no support at all. Her arm is swollen to like 3 times it’s normal size and it’s been like this now for quite a few days. Needless to say that she is in a lot of pain. Today is the first chance i’ve had to get online, so sorry that i haven’t had the chance to blog hop and comment. Not sure when i’l get the chance to craft as ‘hopefully’ she will have her op tomoro, so if she does i will be at the hospital all day. It’s times like this when ya kinda wish that you had private medical insurance as apposed to national health.


Shaz xxx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I’m stamping again….

….I’m having such fun jumping between just stamping and *faffy:)* cards n projects! I’ve never really been ‘into’ stamping as such.Yes i’ve ‘dabbled’ with the images which you have to colour etc, but i’ve never really tried just stamping, of trying to get the most out of a stamp…lol Of NOT using paper!! So this is all New to me :) but right now iam enjoying it…and to me that’s all that matters :) *Do what you love and love what you do* ….as they say…lol

Anyhows, the point of this post lol, Over at My time Made easy they don’t just have a new colour challenge going on, but a sketch one too. Here is the 1st sketch.


I DO love sketches, but when i look at ones like this with layers on layers it kinda ‘fries the li’l ole brain a bit’ Soooo i decided that i would ‘play’ along and see if i could kinds ‘simplify’ this whole sketch thing…lol  So i had a go to see if i could do this sketch using just stamps! So i did…and here is the result!

Am soooo loving this pink and orange thing right now….lol *With a dash of green thrown in for good measure*

I quite like the finished result . Bright, cheerful, quick and simple, what more could i possibly want…haha!  Great idea for giving to someone who doesn’t like ‘fussy’ cards. Plus i like it cos it’s different to the norm.


Sentiment stamp – MFT

Rectangle / flower and frilly circle frame – PTI

Banners – Waltzing mouse


Shaz xxx

Monday, 21 March 2011


I do so love pretty…:)
I saw that my time made easy has now started  a challenge blog:) I do love Lauren’s templates, i’m just ‘lazy’ when it comes to all the cutting I know that i have me cricut expression(which i never use) I did have the 1st version of sure cuts…hmph..until provocraft did another update to machine which made the sure cuts not work :( So since then i haven’t really used it, i have loads of lovely carts i just find it too time consuming…lol I’d rather just cut sumats with me cuttlebug! Anyhows when i saw yesterday what the colour challenge was, IVORY,LIGHT PINK,LIGHT GREEN & RED i simply had to join in with the challenge as it’s me fave colour combo *apart from the red bit…lol, i don’t usually throw the red in there* A couple of weeks ago i saw a lovely bird cage that Debbie had created using one of Lauren’s new templates. I really did love the look of the template, but there was no way i was gonna sit cutting that lot out…lol So because i wanted to join in with their challenge and because i loved the cage i decided to buy sure cuts 2 so as i could by the template and then get the cricut to do all the cutting for me…hehehe! So i’ve actually used me cricut! *Can’t remember the last time i used it..6mths/12mths…sumats like that…lol I have taken the pics in me kitchen and it is very bright in there today. I started out creating this with Mother’s day in mind…but now that i’ve finished it , i think it’s too pretty to part with and think it needs a place in me craft room instead…haha I also created a card to go with * I’l just give her the card* hehe

I managed to ‘throw’ a bit of red in there without too much trouble…lol The SHABBY TEA ROOM challenge is ‘bingo’….no not the game, you have to choose 3 in a row..or if ya brave all 9! Pop over there to see what i mean. I’ve actually used 7! The only ones that i haven’t used are buttons and brads ! *I can’t believe that i haven’t used any buttons…lol* Many thanks to they shabby tea room girlies for selecting my entry for last weeks challenge as one of the ‘hounarable metion cups of tea :)*
Over at LETS CRAFT AND CREATE their theme is ‘Mum’s the word’ so you are to create something for a mum/special lady etc. So hope this counts as i did THINK about creating something for mothers day when i started this, but i just love it too much to give it away :) …and as they say…It’s the thought that counts…hehe! It will just look pretty in me craft room, think i might fill it with flowers or lace :)
Shaz x
Edited to add : Oohps forgot to say what products i
Bird carg cut file - My time made easy
Trims- bazil (apart from lace which is very old ,vintage stuff from me stash)
organza ribbon,tulle, chipboard doves from stash
loads of liquid pearls *love this stuff*
Flowers drom stash (The large pink one is from some that i have left over from me wedding)
Chipboard swirly thing,inked pink and smothered in blingy stuff :)
The pin type things i made myself using bits out of my jewellrey making stash.
Butterfly stamp & die - PTI
Sentiment - MFT

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The City Crafter…

…The King and I…that’s the challenge over at THE CITY CRAFTER this week! so they want to see ‘CROWNS’ …well in my case it’s a ‘Princess’ not a King…lol  I’ve had a lovely wooden crown for quite a long time and have never used it, i used the smaller ones but never the big one…i was saving it…for …*I have no idea, but i was sure an idea would present itself someday…lol* Well today was the day..this challenge gave me the reason to use it. I decided to do another one of those chipboard picture thingies…lol

Obviously i’ve used a pic of me li’l sunshine *The Chloe monster* lol All the photo items i create are all of Chloe.I’ve never done any of the boys. (I guess i only do girly things..haha!)  The crown was just plain wood so i inked it pink and then covered it in that diamond stuff *forgot the name :(* I must say that although you can’t see it very well in the pics, it really does sparkle!

Chloe is very much a girly girl . She is forever playing dress up , outfits and tiaras/crowns and her favourite colour is pink. So that’s the reason behind this.


*Hopefully * in years and years to come, Chloe will appreciate having all these creations that i make of her :)

Many thanks to the city crafter girls for selecting me as one of the spotlight artists for my creation last week :)Thankyou x


Shaz xxx

Friday, 18 March 2011

There’s a ‘Birthday Bash’…..

….going on over at the Shabby Tea Room Challenge Blog

It’s their 1st Birthday!…..has it really been a year??? Geees, where has the time gone? I’ve loved their challenge blog right from the start, and whenever i get the chance i always play along. This week i couldn’t possibly not join in when they are celebrating their 1st Birthday. This is the pic on there blog this week


…and the challenge…design a card, banner and/or gift with a birthday or celebration theme. When i look at the pic i am just immediately drawn to the colours, pink and orange! I’ve only ever done this colour combo a cpl of times, but after playing today i love this colour combo…lol My creations for the tea room this week are very different to my norm…lol  While i was ‘on the hunt’ lol for all items pti or similar products i came across 2 new (they are to me) companies and i simply HAD to get some of their goodies. They arrived today :) Sooooo pleased as i was waiting on this banner set for this challenge. To me i just wanted to pink and orange and banners, i was originally gonna create a banner, but when the new goodies arrived this morning how could i NOT use them. I remember the other day on one of me posts when i spoke about the stamping and how i now needed more coloured inkpads..(Iam SUCH a dingbat…lol) Today i soooo wanted to use the banner stamps but i wanted to do pink and orange, no other colours would do. Did i have an orange ink pad?…..nope! I was gutted :( So after moping around a while i suddenly realised that i HAD a draw full of Tim holtz ink pads …loads of gorgeous colours! I never even gave a thought to those or even thought of them as ink pads…lol I have only ever used them for distressing stuff and for colouring images, i’ve never stamped with them. So the problem of having a shortage of colours is now solved…lol  So today i have just had fun stampin! Not one piece of dp has been tortured cut/used in the making of these…lol

Altogether i created 2 cards, 2 decorated envelopes and a small envelope for placing money/gift voucher etc inside.

I know that these are not fancy n fussy…lol , but i love them all the same! I love the colours..the fresh clean look…I really enjoyed creating these :)


Products used:

Make a wish sentiment stamp – Papertrey

Banner building stamps – Waltzing Mouse

The tag (Die, background stamp and sentiment) – MFT  *purchased from dies to die for*

Ink, black – versafine, pink – SU, orange – Tim holtz


Shaz xxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Oh My..moxie fab ‘Trigger Tuesday’

…My oh My.. THIS is the ‘Tuesday Trigger’ over at the MOXIE FAB BLOG I love the moxie fab blog, but i’ve never joined in with the ‘tuesday trigger’ before…until today that is! When i saw this pic this morn, what did i immediately think of ?  Yep….button was screaming out at me…lol So while Chloe was at nursery this morning this is what i did.

Not sure what’s going on with the colour with the one below…I turned the card a different angle, away from the light. It’s quite dark here today and i don’t use the flash when i take pics of me creations.
Me li’l ole sewing machine took some hammer this morning when i was doing this card…lol
When i looked at the tuesday trigger i just saw cream,blue, stitching, buttons AND a button card…lol
So…sooo loving this stamp set. I even managed to stamp the ‘Vintage finds’ sentiment onto the blue trim :) I machine stitched around the main panels in zig zag stitch, then across the card front in a normal stitch to create 9 panels.I stamped a button into each of the panels.
I punched some li’l flowers out of the blue cs and then stitched ‘real’ buttons to them, then attached to the button card. I even stitched around the edge of the button card.
All in all i’m quite pleased with how this turned out! Thinking about my post yesterday regarding CAS cards makes me giggle…lol as i guess that this card is far from CAS …lol  However if i get the chance i do plan on trying to come up with a CAS card for the trigger too :) I guess i love ALL styles…lol  It really depends on my mood as to what style i create.
This card also ‘fit’s the bill for these challenges
WILDORCHID CRAFTS – use punches or dies
THE CRAFTY PAD – buttons
Shaz xxx

What’s on Your workdesk????

……I’ll tell ya what’s on mine…A load of mess, that’s what :( lol

I always forget to take a pic on a Wednesday for WOYWW ,Iam always lost with my days…lol Since i last joined in with you all i have now moved back into the craft room :) It hasn’t been decorated or re-vamped yet :( but for now iam just glad to have the use of it again.Here’s a few pics of what it usually looks like now that i’m back in there.

All the photo’s above are how it USUALLY looks like now that i’m using it again, as since i’ve been back in there i’ve been pretty good at keeping things tidy and organised:) Because now that i work at the pine desk i generally have everything set out on the worktops and no clutter anywhere, as now when i finish i ‘usually’ clear off my desk and put everything back how it was on the worktops….HOWEVER….lol this morning after taking Chloe to nursery i decided that while i had a cpl of hours ‘peace’ i would go and create something….sooo i did! Then after i finished, when it was time to go get Chloe, i remembered it was Wednesday i figured i would take a pic (as is) for you to see! *Not much point in just taking tidy pics all the time, right?…lol* the following pics are how it looks right now after i have been in there this morning. I haven’t had the chance to clean it yet (Gonna have to in a while cos mr postie has just fetched me a new stamp set n die ) NEED to try it out don’t i…lol


Quite a bit of mess me thinks :) I was playing around creating with the button boutique stamp set this morning, creating something for the moxy fab trigger tuesday . You may notice at the left front of me desk…next to  the foam pads a white plastic thingy…lol Tis one of those nicotine inhaler thingymebobs! I USED to smoke…but NO more! I stopped smoking 5 weeks ago today *Go me* lol , so i just use this now and again when the feeling takes me. At the back of the desh under the dbl sided tape are loads n loads of ‘button cards’ that i did with the button boutique stamp set…soooo love this set :)

Front right… that IS the button boutique stamp set (Chloe knocked it on the floor the other day and broke the case :(…and when it dropped a teeny tiny stitch stamp has disappeared :(  Oooh…look at the state of me cutting pads…lol *think i need some more*

So there ya go…me mess for all to see :)

Why don’t ya pop over to JULIA’S blog *The keeper of all the messy links…lol (or maybe tidy) and have a nosey  look at everyone elses mess* :)


Shaz xxx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Stamping…stamping and…….stamping :)

…Yep, that’s what i’ve been doing…lol I’ve been playing away with me new goodies:) It makes SUCH a change to just use stamps and make very simple CAS cards…LOVE IT :) I think i now just need lots more ink pads….lol The card that i have created here is fore a few challenges. Which are PASSION FOR PAPERTREY ( Paper piecing- I have paper pieced the little leaves) SIR STAMPALOT (pink/yellow and green! *Hope it’s ok that i have the little bit of blue added in*) LESS IS MORE (Part of your image off the page) ONE STOP CRAFT (Clean and simple) so 4 challenges in all :)….I guess i better show me card now then eh….lol

This was soooo simple to do …and i love it! I love the simplicity of it…the colours…the white space…nice n clean looking…:) *I think i go from one extreme to the other…lol) I know that the CAS style of card isn’t to everybody’s taste, and usually it’s not to mine, but i don’t get all that much time to play craft anymore. I do spend a lot of my craft time creating 3d objects and such which are quite time consuming,so i don’t have as much time as i’d like for cards.Plus then there’s the expense of it all…when ya start throwing loads of dp’s, ribbons,flowers etc all over your creation then they end up quite a pricey creation (which is fine if you sell them,are making it for a certain someone..or maybe ya just have money to burn…lol)…i really do love the look of the cas cards with maybe some ribbon and buttons thrown in for good measure…hehe
The stamps i used are PTI , Flower fusion #1 and Tag it’s #1 The green and pink ink are PTI too…the blue is SU, the sunflowers were coloured with a yellow prisma pencil .
Think it’s gonna be CAS cards from me for a while…lol
Shaz xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A bit more pti :)

Iam sooo behind with everything that iam posting cos of the silly internet issues :( I haven’t even been able to get any decent pics of this and now i haven’t got time to ‘mess about’ with photo’s…lol  I made this creation cos i wanted to play with ‘button boutique’   for PTI MAKE IT MONDAY #5  which is distressing edges and THE CITY CRAFTER which is ‘In my pocket’ *Many thanks girls for choosing my creation last week as one of the spotlight artists :)*

I obviously used me ‘button boutique’ stamp set as well as a few of the other sets and dies that i got…ahhh..*I can’t remember what they are all called’

Sorry for all the pics….lol I just could NOT get any decent pics of this at all. So as you can see i created a large pocket from vintage sheet music. I then created little ‘pockets’ using small glasine bags which each hold a dressed up little card created using ‘button boutique’ Each edge of the button cards have been distressed using a heidi swap edge distresser, then inked with a pti vintage duo.I’ve also used the dress form die and stamp, and the butterfly die n stamp.All the glassine bags have been held together on a jump ring.


Shaz xx