Monday, 7 March 2011

Back into the craft room

…at last :) Although me room hasn’t yet had a makeover to maker it all pink n pretty…hehe, i’m just so glad to have me stuff back in there…to be able to use it again.It will be later on in the year before it gets re-vamped. As hopefully in a few months we should be getting a new kitchen :)…and when that happens…i shall be recycling some of the old white kitchen units and having them on the walls in me craft room instead of the 2 large silly shelves :(  (Oh did those for me as a suprise while i was at my sisters…lol) So once i have the units to go in there, that’s when i shall decorate,

Anyhows…right now Really Reasonable Ribbon are doing a ribbon organisation thingymibob…lol :) showing fabby ribbon storage ideas etc, so i figured that i would show ya me space including how i have some of my ribbons stored.

Firstly…below is me ribbons (or should i say just a few of them…lol) All sat looking pretty in me glass jars on my worktop.

This is the view by the door. Can’t wait till i have it all pretty…and have cupboards…but at least i have me space back! I’d kinda got used to using me pine desk in the conservatory so i decided to fetch it in with me…as it just fits…lol I just need a new swivel chair. It makes more sense having a seperate desk,instead of working on the worktops,this way i can have everything all set up how i want on the worktops,without having to move it all the time.

Now we start going around the room… lonely cricut expression that i NEVER use :( I bet i’ve only ever used it a handful of times since i bought it…and yet i simply HAD to have it when i bought it cos i NEEDED it…yeah right…lol I can honestly say that i really can’t justify spending that amount of money on it as it just never gets used:( I think i’d rather just have a large die cutter and some dies instead…lol so

So that’s me little space..there is another shelf above this one..(but that’s me messy shelf so i aint showing that…haha)

For those that don’t know,this little room is at the bottom of the garden.When we had a new garage built a couple of years ago,we had this little room added onto the back of it.


Shaz xxx


Di said...

Hi Shaz

Wow, what a fantastic workspace - full of yummy things! Have you thought of sharing this latest posting tomorrow on What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW)? If you hop over to my blog you'll find a link to Julia's blog and I just know all your goodies would be drooled over by us nosy types! Love the rest of your blog too - you have a new follower :) Di x

Di said...

Me again! Browsing through your blog (and giggling at the small voice on your super flower tutorial) I found that you did join in WOYWW in January. Silly me! Di x

Sonia said...

I always enjoy seeing that I am not the only one who has their craft space a work in progress. You have helped me add to my growing list of ideas. I am sure your room will be awesome when you get finished because it is already fabulous!

Bonnie - Really Reasonable Ribbon said...

Great crafting area! Thanks so much for sharing your ribbon organization idea with your friends at Really Reasonable Ribbon!

amelia said...

love your little craft area,My craft area is in my kitchen lol, I was thinking of buying a sihloutte cameo, mmmm dont know though lol, i just started collecting spellbinders dies, they are amazing, can i just ask you where did you get your jars, love the pink lids, hugs Amelia x