Wednesday, 9 March 2011


…..My papertrey order that is…haha Thought i would show you it’s arrival :)

This little lot…(and not a lot either) has cost me £80. What annoys me about this  is that the goods themselves were only half of that! This is howcome  im showing ya.

The goods themselves only came too $66 which is £44.72 (it would  have been more than that,but a lot of the things that i wanted were out of stock :(  The postage fee was $30.92 which is £19.07

And then ya have the ‘good ole uk customs’ :(  They charged me £12.08 VAT , then ya get the extra £8 on top of that for parcelforce to fetch it to ya :( It’s ridiculous. It seems that they have no lowered the vat limit, as it is now only £18, so anything over £18 and you will get charges. :(  I’d like to know how the VAT is £12.08 on an order valued at £44.72 ??? I thought the VAT was 20%
….Anyhows…besides all that i could NOT wait to get that box open…lol
…Ahh i can’t see anything…just paper…lol It was def well packaged!

…….Got the paper out of the way…OOh goodies…
…Remove the tissue paper and this is what we have……
……OOOhhh…Delish….Am i a happy chappy…OH YEAH!!1 :)
I’m a bit dissapointed that i couldn’t get the rest of the stuff that i really NEED want , cos that way i only had to go through the shipping process once (for now that is…haha)  So now i’m gonna have to put another order in , in a couple of weeks aren’t i…lol
I played with some of these goodies for hours yesterday…and i LOVE them…Iam hooked…lol

Despite the cost of shipping n customs etc….would i order again ?….Was it worth it?…The answer???….OH YEEESSSSS!!!!! :)
Shaz xxx


Lynne said...

Same thing happened to me Shaz. It puts me off a bit which is a shame `cos I love Papertrey stuff. I wish they`d get an outlet in the UK. Can`t wait to see what you`ve made with yours.
Lynne xxx

mckinkle said...

Ive got a friend Stateside who might be able to act as an intermediary there by possibly saving you some taxes?? Have a think and let me know unless you know someone yourself?!

It stinks the way we get so ripped off over our love of crafting. It definitely is Rip Off Britain isnt it!

It all looks great though!
Keryn x

jackid said...

It is bad the way they do things and everything they do they charge you for ontop my hubby buy's a lot OS and get caught quite a bit with customs and so on it's shocking but still at least you have some goodies to take the sting out of it enjoy
Jacki xx

Anonymous said...

ano just how you feel! ive had 3 parcels over the last 6 weeks and each time they charge me 20 + pound! I love papertrey but boy does it end up expensive

Micki said...

Could you email me? I was your OWOH winner. I was wondering when you sent it. Could you write me?