Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mothers and……

broken bones!!!  No crafting at the mo peeps :( I have created notheing at all the past few days as a few days ago my mum took a nasty fall after waving to me and the Chloe monster as we drove away. I didn’t even notice that she had fallen , i didn’t know until i walked in my house and the phone was ringing, when my son’s gf told me to go back round. My mum was layed on the sofa, blood coming out of her mouth, crying in pain.She has a top set of dentures with just a few teeth on it, they attach with like a metal bar thing. Well, when she fell over she smacked her mouth and chin causing the dentures to dislodge at one side and they kinda twisted in her mouth causing the teeth to go through her lips , the top of the dentures to go through her upper gums, and they were kinda half in and half out. She couldn’t talk or anything. Then i looks down at her right arm and notice that her arm is like 1-2 inches higher than her hand, it was like a proper bend…(Ouch) so i says i think you’ve broken that. Anyhows to cut a long story short (Cos i’m waffling’ the last few days we have been backwards n forwards at the hospital. When she was originally seen by the doctors they never set her bones back in place before putting a back slab thing on it..(she had to go back the following day for a proper cast) anyways when we saw the consultant he says that she know needs to have an operation to put the bones back and have screws and plates fitted. Have they done this yet?…nope they have not.She was told to fast last night then they phoned this morn to say it was NOT gonna be today, now they have said to fast again tonight as maybe it will be tomorrow. So right now her bones are completely out of line with just like a bandage around it, no support at all. Her arm is swollen to like 3 times it’s normal size and it’s been like this now for quite a few days. Needless to say that she is in a lot of pain. Today is the first chance i’ve had to get online, so sorry that i haven’t had the chance to blog hop and comment. Not sure when i’l get the chance to craft as ‘hopefully’ she will have her op tomoro, so if she does i will be at the hospital all day. It’s times like this when ya kinda wish that you had private medical insurance as apposed to national health.


Shaz xxx


Lynne said...

Ooooh flippin` heck Shaz, she is in the wars bless her. Lets hope the hospital gets it`s act together tomorrow then. If not I`d threaten them with local bbc news channel. That usually works lol.I don`t know, you get to an age when you not only worry about your kids but your parents too. My MIL broke her arm at 9 o`clock one night and didn`t ring anyone til 6 next morning, cos she didn`t want to disturb us. What are they like!
Hope she gets sorted soon and is soon on the road to recovery.
Lynne xxx

jordiegirl said...

Oh dear Shaz - that's terrible, hospitals never do what they should when they should!!!!

She must be in terrible pain with her arm, not to mention her mouth. I know what it's like to fall and bang your face and mouth on the pavement then have your teeth go through the inside of your lip as it happened to me about 3 years ago, not my fault, a child ran into me on the playground and I went crashing to the ground unable to save myself. Luckily there were no broken bones just lots of cuts and grazes, a bust lip and a wobbly tooth which got pushed passed the other one and is still there and has not gone back to being solidly rooted although the dentist said it would!

Hope she gets sorted out fairly soon.

Take care, all of you.