Saturday, 26 January 2008


Ya know how we all lurve a bargain dont ya!!!
Well...ive been wanting some of the pails ya can get as i can altar them...n store some stash inside...however i think they are rather over priced...n i just will not be ripped
Soooo...i found these babies! They turned up yesterday...and they are fabby! They are 1 litre a good size....and ya get 6...yes 6...for the total of £5.80...thats what they cost altogether with the p& i say well worth it!
If ya want some of these ya can find em here


meayla said...

nice x these seem to be the thing at the minute x cant wait to see them funkied!

LuLu said...

Great "Ebay" site as there was loads of items on there that could be altered . . feel a spend coming on!