Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Which Colouring mediums to use???

*My 1st attempt at using live writer to blog with*
I will now carry on with letting you know how i got on with the inkadinks.
..I was soooo looking forward to trying these out....however once they arrived and i started to 'try them' the 'excitement' was VERY short lived :(I tried them on a whole variety of different papers, and on a couple of watercolour pads that i had and they just wouldn't work! For 2 days i spent hours and hours trying  them ...i was sooooo dissapointed :(
I figured that they must be like painting with the distress inks (the re-inkers)...so i know that it 'CAN' be done...so the only thing that i could think that it was ,was the paper....i needed different paper!!!
...So i went on a 'mission' to try and find people who used inks to colour with and see if i could find any info on which paper they use!
The only thing that i could find was VERY expensive....a block of just 25 5x7 sheets for £11!!!!
...But because i 'needed' to try these i bought it anyway...and i decided to buy a pack of paint brushes and try them instead of using me trusty old waterbrush!
…So while i was waiting for the new paper and brushes to arrive i decided to ‘organise’ the inks.

The bottles of inks only have the names of the colours on the bottles,i thought it would be far easier to see the colours as i bought all 3 sets which means 18 bottles.So i scribbled each colour onto a small pice of paper and attatched them to the back of each bottle!

When i bought the inks i also bought a couple of these.I needed to be able to know which colour ink was in each pot,so as i made sure i picked up the right colour…lol so i thought it would be a good idea to label each’pot’ *Just need to make sure i put the right colour in the right pot…lol*

This is the pad(or should i say block) that i used. I really REALLY need a cheaper alternative,so if anyone could recommend a cheaper alternative card that will take inks/water colours then please let me know :)
….So now with new paper and brushes in hand….this was my first attempt!
…Must say that i love it! …Obviously i need to practice some more….(Thats why i need a cheap card…lol) but on 1st impressions iam impressed :) …i would even go as far to say that i would gladly give up my copics for inks! haha!
Also the peerless watercolours that i showed before work really well with these too!
After much trying…lol I found the perfect skintone shade  mango + water!
…..I’ve never really created all that many creations using images…however that will have to change now…lol The reason for that is that now all my stash is back in me craft room *At the bottom of the garden* I get very little opportunity to go in there…but what i CAN do in the house while the Chloe monster is around is colour images :) Which i actually find very relaxing to do. Because i actually love the affect of inks ect AND that now i will be spending a LOT of time colouring them i decided that i NEEDED the distress ink pads HAHA! *Knew i should of just got them in the first place* So to fund my distress inks last week i actually SOLD some of my character rubber stamps!!!! *Shock horror* i never EVER sell me stash..i just let it pile up…lol So now i have some distress ink pads on their way to me :) The great thing is that the inkadinks,peerless watercolours and the distress inks will ALL work together (I know this cos ive tried as i already have 2 distress ink pads…lol)  So am quite looking forward to trying em all together :) Have also been colouring loads with the prisma’s the last few days too.
Sorry about the looooooooooong boring post :)
Shaz xx


Crafty Chris said...

Well simply stunning Love the coloured images. Christine x

Scrappymax said...

Thank you so much for this Shaz as I have been uming and ahring on whether to get them seeing as I have only ever used Promarkers but love the effect I see from people who have used distressed inks. On a limited budget would there be a set you would recommend first though as I don't want to get them only to find I can't get to grips with them.
Max x

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi shaz
thanks 4 doing this... try this link.. you never know it may help you a little more

mckinkle said...

Just wondered if you've come across Kim Piggott on blogs? She is a Queen of ink on watercolour card, she's got details of which on her blog so maybe pop over and have a peep. I emailed her ages ago for advice and she was amazingly helpful!


Keryn x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Oh well done you Shaz!!! They both look fab :0)
I've got a number of Distress ink pads already...maybe you can inspire me to dig them out!! lol Mind you...having just been nawty and treated myself to Prismacolors this week...me thinks I should try and master those first!! ;0)

Ildiko said...

OMG Shaz these are gorgeous. Tahnk to Kaz-za from Kaz_zs's crafty corner I found you, I'm sure will be back to learn this and that

my5bratz said...

these are GORGEOUS Shaz, maybe check out some art shops for cheaper paper?