Monday, 2 February 2015

long time no blog

Its been a while once again since i blogged :( time just seems to have passed me by. I have still been crafting just not a lot with paper. I created stacks n stacks of hairbows before christmas Aswell as packs of reindeer food etc.Also my letter to santa kits.

 On christmas eve my little chloe monster had all her hair chopped off 😞 (i sooo loved her long hair) she wanted to donate it to the lttle princess trust so i let her have it done.

One excited little girl on christmas eve 

Santa came!


Forward a cpl of weeks and it was her 8th birthday (where has the time gone)
She decided on a frozen themed party/ disco at home . She didnt have a frozem themed dress so i decided to make her one and i just love the way that it turned out 😀

It was very very pouffe 
Shed been dancing around and on the floor etc when i took this so the dresss is a bit scrunched up on this pic.

We had a little frozen themed type candy bar 

I made all the large paper pom poms

The living room was transformed into a disco 😀

The who should arrive, Elsa herself 😄 the girls were so suprised

 Next year maybe chloe will be 'too big' for all this so it wasnice to be able to do a girly princess party before she grows out of it.

So thats what ive been doing while ive been away.
Shaz xxx







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Mandy said...

Wow what an amazing party Chloe had, the dress you made is absolutely beautiful and Chloe's new haircut really suits her. x