Thursday, 22 April 2010

Back with a little something

… show!
I have been mia *as they say* due to my sis and nephews being down for a few days, plus other things going off. I haven’t crafted anything ‘paper’ wise for a cpl of weeks now:( I’m just fed up of cards…have way to many. I would rather put what little time that i have to good use and create something worthwhile than just rush a load of cards to enter into challenges… anyways i have now found a ‘new’ something to take up me time…lol Right now iam enjoying fabric!!! I decided that i wanted to start and try to make some clothes for the little Chloe monster *before she is too big to want to wear anything that mummy made…lol* I Love all the custom boutique clothing that you can buy….but it’s soooo expensive…so i figured that i would have a try at me own…lol  I have never made or even attempted to make any sort of clothing before. The only thing that i have ever made is curtains! So armed with a few patterns and some fabrics….my ‘journey’ has begun :) I must say that when the patterns arrived…i didn’t even have a clue what to cut out …where…i was confused…lol  So me mam cut some out for me and showed me what to do :) yesterday using one of the patterns we made a swing top and cropped trousers. This set was just a ‘tester’ set to see if it was easy enough and if it fit ect. I used left over fabric from when i created Chloes curtains and bedding. I haven’t taken a photo of it as it was a tester and doesn’t even have any added frills ect. I haven’t been able to create a ‘proper’ set yet as i am waiting for some bias binding to arrive!!! *Like i would have known before that i would have needed the stuff…lol* Today i wanted to create *something* . I’ve had a pair of Chloe’s dungarees that are too short sat there ‘waiting’ to be brought back to life :) So today that’s what i chose to do. It took hours…because on me old cronky machine i have no arm so cannot get the legs around the machine…so apart from doing seems on what would be the frills, i had to do the frills by hand :(
4 6
I was gonna attach a bib ‘or whatever ya call it’ to the top section ,but for now i ended up just adding frills around the front pocket edges. Am gonna do ‘somthing’ to the back pocket i think. The little bag was made from one of the cut off ‘legs’ lol Chloe thinks that it’s fab that her bag was a leg……lol
Chloe was posing all over the place for photo’s…i must have done 100…lol
A couple of days ago i also made these hair bows, as she know needs them on bigger clips as all her old ones are on 4cm clips….so i have now done a bigger pair that are on 6cm clips. ‘Think i need to do pink & yellow ones for this outfit’ :)

It may just seem a simple thing that i have done, but they did take quite a while to do, and now it has given them a new lease of life…plus they are unique. I took Far more pleasure from watching Chloe parade about in this outfit than what i would ever get from making a card.
I’ve moved the bit of craft stash that i had in the kitchen into the conservatory. I have thrown out one of the sofas from in here,and added a desk and some craft stash instead…lol  It’s way too cold in here in the winter and way too hot in the summer as the whole thing…including the roof is made from glass..(so you could call it a green house…lol) Looking on the bright side is that it is sooo bright in here.
The last couple of months i have coloured soooo many images with the distress inks that it’s about time i started creating things with them…we shall see how it goes:)
Shaz xxx


Ruthie said...

Wow - well done you - you clever thing! Chloe looks like she adores them!


mckinkle said...

WOW! Look at you Shaz, theres no stopping you now! I completely understand you about how great it is to see Chloe wearing your makes with such pride! And who can blame her, youve done really well with her dungerees, dont they look super!

Its great to be able to make her exactly what she likes in whatever colourway and even nicer to think no one else is wearing the same!

Enjoy your new found crafting!

Keryn x

Happy Days said...

Well done you. Love those bows. x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Fantastical!!! They're brilliant...well done you! Can't wait to see the top and trousers :)
Btw...I saw something the other day and thought of as soon as I can package it'll be on it's way :0)
**Note to self...must TRY and make hair do-dabs!! ^.^

Sally H said...

How fab! I love them! I made lots of baby dresses when Meg was young and a couple of pairs of trousers from some lovely soft reversible brushed cotton, but probably stopped when Meg reached the age Chloe is now. I've still got some of the things my mum made for me too x

Rainmac said...

Wow!!! I wouldn;t know where to start ;-)