Thursday, 23 January 2014

Change of heart

Well.....what dya know, I had a change of heart with the blog situation etc. I decided to start a new bog as just before Xmas I joined stampin up as a demo, and basically it's a case of what you can/ can't show etc on your blog! So I did a new blog so as to just create and show things made using su stuff. Well..... Ya know what, it just ain't happening for me I'm afraid. I don't want to be limited to what I create with and what I show . I like to create with things that inspire me at the time. I have some lovely lovely stuff in me stash which I want to use and so on. I want to create with anything and everything so I'm afraid it's goodbye to su, as a demo anyway. I wanna be free to use and show what I want. I'm back and I'm ready to craft :) let's get this show on the road lol
We had some really bad weather here with very strong winds. on one particular day the wind was really bad and I hadn't quite closed my craft room door (my craft room is at the bottom of the garden joined onto the garage) Anyhow somehow the wind managed to get behind the door, pulled it open and ripped it clean off and placed it in the garden. I don't know how but the glass in the door is intact!  The door hinges however are only now attached to the frame and small pieces of wood that were ripped from the door. so until I am able to afford another door, my husband has screwed the door into the frame, so as it stays sealed. So my stuff is safe I just cant get in there to use it :(  He unscrewed it for me for an hour so as I could fetch some stuff into the conservatory :) Although I don't have all my stuff to hand at least I have some which means I can craft once again :) I'm also hoping that by Saturday I have a new corner desk/ workstation thingy here too, cos that way I can have lots of pretties around me lol will be back shortly with some makes ! On the ipad at min n av no pics on here.
If your still with me, thanks for reading :)
Shaz xxx


Rose said...

Glad to see you back Shaz! I feel exactly the same way you do. I want the freedom to use my stuff and create what I want! Looking forward to reading your blog again!

Sally H said...

great to see you back, Shaz, and I totally agree with you re only using SU stuff. As soon as someone puts a restriction on me, my mojo goes walkabout. Hope you get your craft room rescued soon. Hugs x