Monday, 27 January 2014

New things

So I got my desk :) so now if I'm not at work I can sit here with some bits and create :) so at least I can create so we here until I can get back in me craft room. Once I'm back in my craft room I think I will use this area in the house as my sewing area. For the past year or so when I've had chance I've been creating little bits n bobs out of fabric. Chloe always ends up with everything in her room lol. I love creating something with fabric ( I'm just not very good at it) practice,practice, practice as they say. I will get around to taking pics of the bits I made eventually, but for now I want to show you some very new makes that I have done over the weekend :)
Meet fruity and pinky (chloe named them)
These are my first ever attempts at sock monkeys . Gotta say that I love them. They may not be perfect but that's ok. I really enjoyed making them. I need to go buy loads of pairs of socks lol
Gonna try and create something with paper now :)
Shaz xxx

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