Thursday, 4 March 2010

A Got a little surprise today!

Sorry that i haven’t got round to visiting you all :( The last cpl of days time has just been against me :( I was out all day today….and then i came home to a ‘little surprise’ :)
A few weeks ago i was very lucky enough to be selected as one of the 5 winners of Magnolias New years candy :) The prize? 2 stamps of your own choice from EVERY collection released in 2010! …So as ya can imagine…i was ‘thrilled’
However the excitement was short lived, as you had to send your deets to them by a certain date,,,which i did…but got no reply…so i sent another (incase they didnt get the 1st…lol) …but still no reply :(
…Now i’l be honest here about the magnolia stamps…lol When they 1st came out i ‘really’ disliked them as they reminded me of the moomins…lol..anyways as the collections progressed i actually won one as part of a blog candy by a lovely lady called Tina (This was the only blog candy i have ever won…prob because i dont ever enter them…lol) Also in the candy was prisma pencils…thats how i got to try prisma pencils. I even stamped the tilda i got …and when i actually had her all coloured…i thought she was actually ok…lol  The whole ‘no face’ thing still got me though…lol *I do think its about time that they fetched out some 'facial feature stams,so as we can at last give her a full face*  Since trying that 1st one, i have bought just a few over the last cpl of years (unlike me sis who is a BIG magnolia fan) so my sis used to just stamp n send me lots of images. Anyways i ‘really’ like the ‘new’ sort of style of the tildas… they just ‘look’ better. After deciding to get the distress inks *Which i lubs,lubs, LUBS!* I made the decission to use mainly 1 line of character stamps… and the magnolias won!…because of there size of limbs,clothing ect,,,cos some of the other ones are just way too detailed for me…sooo i sold a load of me others, sugar nellies, woj ,anya’s ,bella’s ect  and used this to fund some of the newer magnolia stamps :) So its these stamps that i have been practising me colouring with the inks and prismas….so to find that i had won the magnolia blog candy was a bonus (I had already switched to the tilda’s b4 i won btw…lol)
….So after no email replies from Magnolia about me prize's' ,,,not being asked which stamps i wanted from the already released collection…today when i came home i was ‘shocked’ to find a package waiting…and when i opened it……………

THESE fell out!!!!
2 from ‘raising the ceiling’ collection

And then….these 2 totally gorjuss ones from the new ‘hoppy easter collection’…*Which i might add ya cant even buy yet*

I absolutely adore these 2….specially the one below :)

The stamps were unmounted…just the rubber …so straight away i went in search of me mounting wotsit…lol I had JUST enough to mount these 2 beauties*It was a just 2..took a while to get them both positioned to fit on the small piece i had left.
So i mounted them…inked them…and coloured them :)
….Just how cute is this!!! Love it. I just got the new ‘spun sugar’ pink distress ink pad too…which i used above…LOVVVVEEE it :)
So i never got to choose my own from these 2 collections...but am not bothered bout that...iam happy to have what they send me. I dont have the 1st 2 ,as they arent the sort that i would have it will be goad to try something that i wouldnt have gone for myself :) (I checked on crafts u love site and just for these 4 stamps would have cost me just under £31 !!!) So i'm WELL happy :) Thanks Magnolia :)
When i get chance i shall post some of me magnolia creations on here that i have made over the past month or so.
…So now…confession time….lol *Tis good for the soul…or so they say'* lol  Because i love the distress inks so much…and the prisma’s….just over a week ago i actually SOLD me copics…for a bargainous price too. I just didnt want to use them ,as i think that they are overpriced…run out way to quick..too expensive to replace….blah blah…the finished look…looks ‘too’ perfect for me. Im not denying that they are a fantastic pen..but i just simply cant afford to keep up with them. Im no van gough…just a simple crafter who likes to colour images now and again…lol Its about creating things, not colouring your images to ‘artistic perfection’ *I;d rather have a bit of ‘imperfection’ thrown in there :) So the copics had to go!
….Well…after the copics did toddle off….i had a dilemma *as ya do* lol                Mo  Mannings digital  images! I have some that i ‘ADORE’ two tasha and two jill for starters…I cant use me distress inks on em can i :( as i use ‘Proper top quality 300gsm watercolour card’ …I have me prisma’s…but i dont always want to colour with pencil,,,,so what have i done….LOL *I know Lyds will find this funny* haha

Yep…ive gone back to what i started with …LMAO
Now i had pro markers originally, then i bought copics and SOLD me pro markers so ive basically wasted a fortune to be back where i started…haha My whole reason for switching to copics was that i wasnt overly keen on the colour range in the pm’s…however they now have some lovely jubbly new colours :) So now i have 30 lovely pm’s to bring Mo’s images to life :)
I think maybe im juat addicted to crafty shopping…haha
Didnt realise this would be such a looooooong post…lol  *sorry but i had to confess didnt i* haha
If ya still with me……you’re a star & thanks for reading :)
Shaz xxx


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

I'm still with you...and Lyds finds this EXTREMELY funny!!! lol
What are you like woman??? You could have your own craft your own things and sell 'em back to yourself!! You wouldn't need anyone else involved!! lmbo :) Oh dear, do make me laugh ^.^
Having said all of that...I would totally agree with the Prismas...I'm absolutely loving mine...and I've just salvaged my distress inks from the garage :) If mine comes out half as good as yours, I'll be a happy bunny!!
Well done you on your new stamp've coloured the 'lickle bo peeps' beautifully...even I think they look kinda sweet!!!! Heeeellllpppppp!!! lol

susan said...

I'm still with you, too, Shaz. Glad you finally got something back from Magnolia. I love their images but my biggest complaint about them is that they just do NOT reply to emails! Love the way you colored your new images and enjoy your Promarkers, too. Don't worry about changing your mind about the coloring mediums. Artistic geniuses have the right to be a little different. Remember Van Gogh? Uh, just don't take it that far. PLEASE! I don't think the little "Chloe monster" could bear seeing her Mum with only 1 ear! LOL! Color away and enjoy!

eiyiyi said...

Ah Shaz, it's so good to know there's another loon out there just like me! I've just gifted my prismas to a friend, tossed all the other ratty markers I had, and am now down to my beloved copics. I was the queen of the coloring book as a little kid and I get the same feeling from copics so I think I'll stick with them .... until the next best thing comes along.

Congrats on your magnolias. You did them proud! hugs, eileen

Myzdamena's World said...

LOL what a funny old tale :)

Love your colouring and those stamps look gorgeous. Not got any 'expensive and perfect' ways of colouring myself yet but i do sometimes like the look I get from my watercolour pencils lol