Wednesday, 3 March 2010


You asked....I
Now for me this is a i have actually done VIDEO...It was the only way to really show you!
I have tried loads of times over the years to do videos and have failed miserably for 1....I HATE *with a passion* the sound of me voice on video...and 2...Evertime i was talking i would end up laughing...LOL
So now...armed with me FANTABULOUS camera.(Which does fabby videos too)..and tripod *OH called me a camera bore for buying a tripod* lol...i thought i would try
I don't do small talk in the vid...i tried to talk as little as possible..and spoke very 'matter of factly' haha
(It was the only way i could think of doing it without laughing) lol
The video is in 2 parts for easier uploading..(Its taken me 3 hours to upload them)
The Chloe monster wouldn't leave me you have to put up with her too....and she humms Jingle bells...haha At one point she decides to move the tripod you don't even see the finished flower as i end up pointing it in the WRONG
This is the Flower i make in the video

I guess at the end of the doesn't really matter if i sound like a bloody monkey ..does it??? long as you learn how to do it...thats all that matters :)
IF you DO like the vid then i will probably try and do more on different there are LOADS of things that i could show :) *Let's see how this goes down*
...but then it could only get easier ...right??? Hmmm....we shall
So......onto the Tutorial NEED these

I use the scallop punch from SU as it has DEEP scallops...other small scallop punches i have only have narrow scallops *bit like the nestie ones*...and i feel that you don't acheive the desired effect using a narrow scallop. If thats all that you have then you can still do it anyways :) The SU punch i THINK measures 1 3/4 "
You need a cropadile...or something similar that will punch a hole. You want an ink pad for distressing...any ink pad will do. Choose your paper, either single sided or dbl sided...punch 5 scallops out of your chosen paper ....AND now let the shame....erm video

Hope you enjoy learning to make your flowers....and PLEASE be gentle with me :)
Shaz xxx


kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi Shaz
i must say your chloe sings like mine used to.... lol..!!! i had so much fun watching your vid... little chloe kept me entertained all the way threw and i just need to find a punch(sure mam has one) that i can use.. as i only have the nellies.. but might give them a go... thanks 4 doin the vid.. only thing is at the end we can not see your flower... you held it up 2 high... but i sure had fun watching...
thanks 4 taken the time to do this for us all....

eiyiyi said...

Love the video Shaz. Your instructions are clear and concise. And, your assistant is outstanding! hugs to you and thanks, eileen

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Oh Shaz...a fantabulous tutorial and...MERRY CHRISTMAS Chloe!!! lol
Thanks for that...and the entertainment!! xxxx

Judi said...

Hi Shaz

Loved the tutorial, especially Chloe's singing, it made me laugh so much I had to share it with my husband, as it reminded me of our little granddaughter Molly who's aged 3.

Off to try and copy your flowers now.

Hugs Judi

Wendy M said...

What a great tutorial, it is really easy to see what you are doing and the flower is fab!!!
I have to say that I almost cried with laughter whilst watching it though, your daughter is hilarious it has really made me have a good giggle so thank you for that, you should keep the video and play it back at her wedding or something lol!!

susan said...

Hi Shaz!
I LOVED your video! I learned how to make your fabulous flower and was entertained by your little Chloe, too. I love those tiny voices they have when they are that young. She is going to be quite the paper crafter! LOL!
I vote for more vidoes AND for keeping Chloe in them, too. I just felt like hugging her when I heard her. Soooo SWEET!

Sally H said...

What a wonderful tutorial! I loved every second of it! I learned how to make your fabulous flowers and was entertained by Chloe too! Bless her! She is gorgeous! Meg was very similar at that age! She used to sing her head off as we walked round the supermarket!

Gilly said...

ahahah Shaz, that was really good. ah when you told me about making them, I didnt screw the up tight enough, now I know where i was going wrong.

Tell Chloe will show the video to Jamie & Ben, they will be laughing.


CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Tutorials category today [03 Mar 01:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

karennarelle said...

loved the turtorial. am going to try and make some now!!

Melissa said...

Shaz, thank you for the great tutorial! Chloe sounds cute as a button and gave me a good giggle all the way through.
hugs, Melissa

Gloria Stengel said...

My dd and I were totally cracking up at Chloe! See, my dd was just like that when she was small. She's 14 now and I still tell her to be quiet and stop touching my stuff. The vid was perfect and your helper, next time, needs some taffy or chewing gum! LOL

Jennifer Meyer said...

LOVE the tutorial Sharon and how sweet that Chloe is in the back ground humming! LOVE the technique, I can't wait to try it and link it back to you!

LOTS of hugs, Jennifer :)

Bettythebaglady said...

Shaz I've just watched your flower video and it was ace especially Chloe in the background.Your voice sounded just as I imagined it-Yorkshire like me.Thanks so much for sharing and getting to grips with the equipment Hugs Betty