Thursday, 6 May 2010

OCC sketch challenge # 14

It's time for another OCC sketch :)
Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragment regarding the driving test! I don't even feel bad that i didn't pass to be honest...I feel bad about the state that i got myself I think that i have got so used to driving with my instructor sat at the side of me, cos this week i've been out in our car with OH and i've driven on roads that i would only drive on with me instructor, and i've been quite nervous and me hearts been i think that's what it is.I think i'm just nervous about driving by myself..i know that on me lessons me instructor does nothing for me...but he's there...bit like a comfort OH said that there is nothing wrong with me driving so can't understand why i'm nervous. I have booked another test for 9th in the meantime i'm having 1 n half hours a week with me instructor, and also going out a few times a week in our car. I need to get used to driving our car anyways ready for when i DO At the moment i hate driving's a focus estate which is slightly bigger than me instructors, plus it's an older car and doesn't have all the gizmo's and gadgets...haha ...and the gears...hahaha...that's another story ;)
....Enough of me rambling...back to the point of the
Me OCC sketch challenge card

I drew all  the sketches into me notebook and somehow i missed a bow off of this one :(  *Sorry*
Just pretend that it had a bow...but it fell
Not sure what's wrong with me just lately but i seem to be completely OFF papercrafting **Shock,horror**
I just seem to have no interest and find it hard to actually get anything done. When i uploaded this card to the occ blog and i saw the other girls creations...i was like...their creations look FAB.....i can't upload mine cos it's just gonna stick out like a sore  But i've hd to upload it so...i guess it is what it is.
I've been colouring images etc but thats as far as things go....i haven't actually been making anything....nothing with paper anyways....think i may just have the material bug :)...but more about that in the next post :)
Supplies used
Sentiment stamp - Hero arts
Image stamp -Basic Grey
Bling - Prima

Shaz xxx


Laurel said...

How cute, great job with the sketch!

Irena said...

Very cute card :)

Gloria Stengel said...

Very cute. Hey, I found your bow! hee hee

But girl those things you made for your stinkin' cute. No wonder you are off paper crafting! Wow!