Friday, 7 May 2010

What i've been creating....

....With material as apposed to paper!
As you know me *journey* with material began a couple of weeks ago, as i wanted to start making some clothes for the Chloe monster for the summer. While i was waiting for the patterns to arrive i altered a pair of dungaress by adding some frills...then the patters i had a go at making one of the tops.
Bearing in mind apart from curtains i've never made anything else...and like curtains are simple aren't No patterns....just cut a couple of rectangles...stitch up ...job
So when the patters arrived ...i didn't have a clue...i didn't even know how to cut out the pattern...haha in the end i made a top....

I also took an old pair of her jeans that were too short, cut them down to shorts,and edged them with the same a simple matching set was created.
...I guess for a first attempt it wasn't too bad. The top is very plain and simple...that was the pattern that i i wanted something that would be easy....however it was a loooong way from what i wanted to i wanted to make the 'boutique style' clothes! Theres nothing quite like running before ya can walk is there....hahah
....So instead of making anymore things from the patters that i'd bought, i went in search online for 'boutique' patterns. Well...I found a fantastic site :) You buy the patterns as downloads, then you have to print them...obviously you are printing on you print the patterns in pieces...then join them together with tape....and then you cut out the pattern. I was a little dubious of this when i first bought the patterns...however i decided to jump in and have a try! Printing and matching the pieces together etc was easy ...and then onto the creating :) As well as the patterns you also get a pdf containing step by step instructions and photo's every step of the was like having someone standing next to me showing me what to do :) lol....So i followed the instructions and some tops were made :) I was so pleased with the results that i went and bought more patterns, including one for boutique bottoms :) So then bottoms were made to co-ordinate with the tops :)
Here are the results.....

and then another one

Chloe wante a 'minnie mouse' style one
...So that's what i've made this past week n half :)
And believe it or not ...i can make one of those tops in less time that i can make a card :)
I've also made a few bags too..which are all lined inside...and all the seams are hidden...including the straps.
On this one i just decided after i'd finished it too fold the top over...this is the Chloe monsters bag :)
Hope you enjoyed our little fashion
Shaz xxx


Laurel said...

ADORABLE! I don't sew clothing anymore but loved sewing things for my girls. These are fantastic and what a cute little model!

Irena said...

You have cute little model, I like you creations :)

susan said...

WOW! These are GREAT! I loved all of those outfits. And I think you have a little "model in training" there, too! Chloe looks like she had a lot of fun modeling these outfits for your photos and she is adorable! Keep sewing!

Bettythebaglady said...

Shaz you are a natural. The colours and the way you have put it all together. You will find it hard to buy clothes once you get into this as you will always think "I could do something much better than that. You have been so productive.You have definitely found something you are very talented at Love Betty and a big hug to the model too-you just need the weather to go with it now!

Marion said...

Wow Shaz, You have done a magnificent job of these. Just soo adorable and Chloe looks fab in them.

Sally H said...

Oh my goodness! Chloe must be delighted with her new wardrobe! Fabulous!

Marcea said...

wow, absolutely gorgeous - your little darling and the fab outfits
so clever!

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Oh.....WoWWWWW!!!! Absolutely stunning clothes Shaz...and Chloe too, bless her.
I'm afraid that the only time my sewing machine got used this week was to make a card!!! ^.^ I'd be frightened that I might enjoy making clothes as much as you! lol

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

what can i say... your chloe monster just loves the camera... just like my chloe... lol... but mine is 16 now... and is just as bad i love all the outfits you have made.... what a talent... i can not stitch to save me life.... lol now thats one kitted out little girl for all the lovely weather we are having

Shaz Wall said...

Super cutie!