Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tissue paper over at Moxie FAB!

I thought i would join in with the ‘tissue paper’ challenge over at MOXIE FAB

Here is what i came up with

YES…it’s simple….understated…that’s the point of it.

Sometimes…at hard times  it calls for something like this…something simple…something different,,,something to show someone that you care , that you’re thinking of them.

I remember when my son died, all the cards that i received…with sympathy…with deepest sympathy etc. These cards were ‘ok’,  they were the kind of kind that were ‘acceptable’ when my dad died, when my nanna died…BUT when it’s YOUR child it’s a completely different ball game and i guess that, that’s something that you can NEVER understand unless you are in that situation yourself. You can sit there and say..Oh yeah i know how you feel…i lost my Husband/wife/Brother/Sister/Mum/Dad…blah blah…and you think that you know!!!! Believe me it is NOTHING like compared to losing a parent etc. When you lose a child part of you dies, you change, you become a different person that what you were. You ‘carry’ this ‘PAIN’ with you every day for the rest of your life.In fact from my own experience, and from what a few others have told me …at first it does actually ‘feel’ like a physical pain. The ‘pain’ never goes… 4 years on, it’s still there for me. ‘People’ seem to think that once the funeral is over, you’ll be right, you’ll get ‘over it’ . I wish they could bottle up this feeling, let people ‘really feel’ what it’s like just for a day. The whole point of crafting…creating for me is a way of trying to relax etc. i blog and i blog hop…and the amount of blogs that i stop by and i find someone ‘complaining’ over something soooo trivial…..and i just think..IF ONLY…if only that was all i had to get me down…seriously…. you really DON’T know what you have until it’s gone ,,,and then when it has will haunt you for the rest of your life!

….Anyhows…iam waffling…sorry! It’s VERY rare that i ‘get into’ these sort of ‘conversations’ on here…it just started from me trying to make a point of a simple card that let’s someone know that you are there for them. The point is…sometimes a card doesn’t have to be ‘all that’ sometimes it just has to say the right thing…

Think i’ ll  end this post now and go to bed before i stat going on again…lol G’nite all.


Shaz xxx


Lynn said...

Shaz, your card is beautiful and I thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are right that I can't begin to understand your pain but please know that I do pray for you often. Fondly, Lynn

Nancy said...

Your card is soooooooo perfect. I, too, burried a child just 6 months ago. She was my best friend, a special needs & medically fragile child whom I spent almost every minute with her whole life. I cried with her, laughed with her, sang with her, fought for her, and went through everything with her. She went through 5 heart surgeries, 2 strokes, was blind and paralyzed for awhile post surgery, I had to teach her everything twice due to strokes. I sat up with her most nights helping her for the last 10+ years. She wasn't expected to survive childhood due to her heart defects but she showed them - she lived to be 22 yrs old... but due to strokes and lack of oxygen she was at a level of a 7 yr old. She was my little girl for 22 yrs. I have 3 sons but she was my only girl and I miss her terribly.

Even though I knew for 14 yrs that she was not going to survive her heart defects, it's still a shock and hard to really believe that she's gone... it seems like she should be in her bedroom waiting for me to go and take care of her, or maybe she's at the hospital (where she "lived" for so many years. I hate that I had to go to the cemetery on Easter to be near her.

I've been having a harder time lately and your post made me realize that someone else really does understand! One of my sisters understands too because she buried her son just 2 years before my daughter died. Her son was 17 and had battled brain cancer for 2 yrs. I still can't believe that two of us siblings have buried children. It just seems so unfair that one family has to go through so much.

I, too, craft and blog hop to de-stress! I just joined MTME's sketch team and found you through them! We are sorta working together. *grin!*

If you would like to, please email me privately. My email is on my profile. ((((((hugs)))))) to you.

Di said...

Hi Shaz. I wept when I read this posting honey, and also Nancy's comment. My heart goes out to you both so much. The card you showed is simply lovely - hugs, Di x

eiyiyi said...

Shaz, my heart and prayers go out to you each time I visit your blog and see your beautiful son's picture. Your card is so lovely, simple, elegant and heartfelt. hugs, eileen

Cath said...

Hey Shaz! Thanks for linking this up to the Tissue Paper Magic Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

...thanks also for sharing this story about what it's like to grieve for your son. I am so sorry for your loss, and so sorry for Nancy's loss as well. I am so glad that crafting--and the connections made through it--brings a measure of comfort to you both.